Heart of a Woman Luncheon

Back in February, I spoke at the Heart of a Woman Luncheon to an amazing group of women. The event was so amazing and I am so happy that I got to speak for AVDA. Even before I got to the event, I sat next to a little girl on the plane who wanted to watch the movie Trolls. It may have been a small moment, but to me, it was huge. I love getting to know people, and it was such a touching moment getting to bond with this little girl over her favorite movie.  

At the luncheon, I met so many amazing women. They have all been through a lot in their lives, and they told me about how my situation influenced and inspired them. It was awesome getting to talk to these strong women, and my advice to them, and to you, is to keep smiling. You have control over your happiness and sadness. I still get mad and angry, but I have found ways to let it go and move past those feelings. You have to be able to work with your flaws and appreciate them. If you can learn to love and accept your own flaws, it will be easier to focus on all the good around you.

My favorite thing about traveling and speaking to groups is getting to know people and hearing their stories. It’s so inspiring. People think my story is incredible, but I think all of yours are just as amazing, and I am so grateful that these women feel comfortable enough to share their stories with me. I received a precious moments doll, I’ve always seen them, but I’ve never had one before, and that was exciting.  I think one of the most memorable and exciting things that happened was that I was outbid for the golden monkey that I was trying to purchase for my son. And I was outbid by somebody who actually bought the monkey for me! I cried tears of joy and gratitude. It still amazes me how thoughtful people can be. Little things like that mean so much to me, they make my heart melt and I will forever be grateful for that act of kindness.

I would encourage everyone to get the help you need and use your resources. We have the choice to be happy. Take advantage of that.