Lily, formerly known as Michelle Knight, made the decision to change her name to Lillian Rose Lee, symbolizing her favorite flowers and representing patience and love.

After 11 years of captivity, Lily is looking beyond her past filled with trauma and abuse, and she is redefining her life.

Lily is passionate about inspiring others and enjoys speaking to organizations, groups and at events where she can share her experience with God, and inspire others with her unwavering hope and faith. Her goal is to provide encouragement and support to women and children facing similar situations, letting them know they are not alone and providing helpful resources.

Her healing process has been a tremendous roller coaster, and Lily often talks about the impact equine and art therapy has had on her journey. Art has always been an important aspect in Lily’s life. She used art when she was a child to express herself in a positive way and to help her manage her feelings and anger. Lily continues to use art to help her heal and frequently paints, draws and writes poems about her experiences. “Art never stops helping you heal.”

Lily shares her painful experiences with readers in her book Finding Me, which not only tells the story of what happened inside the house on Seymour Avenue, but also uncovers her tumultuous childhood before her captivity.

Lily now spends most of her time helping animals and volunteering at local shelters, creating art, and advocating for change to ensure others are safe from the experience she has overcome.