In December, I received an email from a 17 year old girl named Barbara. She told me that my story had been inspiring her since she was 13, and asked if it was okay with me to use my story as inspiration for her solo for dance. She wanted to promote awareness for missing people, abuse, and abduction.

Of course I was thrilled about this! I met Barbara and she was the sweetest girl. She told me that this was her first year participating in the competition and she used my story as inspiration because she wanted to showcase something that meant something meaningful to not only her, but others as well. Her dance of so full of raw emotion and she was amazing.  It was such an inspirational piece that warmed my heart with such joy and love that I cried tears of happiness!  Before her dance, she told me that she was nervous and after, she asked if I would change anything…I can tell you all, like I told her… I would not have changed a thing! I was so touched by the emotion she portrayed through her art. I can still hardly believe that my story touched her enough to create a dance about it.

I am so thankful that my story is touching the lives of others, and I will never forget seeing it portrayed through such a beautiful outlet like dance!

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