Happy Holidays!

This year was the first time I cut down my own Christmas tree. It’s my new favorite holiday tradition.

Christmas tree

On Christmas, I usually have a big brunch with coffee, cookies and donuts with family and loved ones. Later we have ham and turkey with all the trimmings. This year, I will be cooking everything and it’s going to be delicious. The best trick ever is to freeze the turkey so it lasts longer!

Later that night I snuggle up around the fireplace with my fur babies and watch Christmas movies. The original “Home Alone” is my all-time favorite movie but “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a close second.

I love to light a candle every year for the people who don’t get to have Christmas. I also release a balloon into the air outside to open people’s hearts more. Another one of my favorite traditions is making a snow angel. I find the deepest part of snow in the yard and jump in with my dogs. My little puppy loves the snow. Peanut? Not so much. She has short hair so she’s a little freeze baby.

On New Year’s Eve, I celebrate with friends, family and good laughter, and hang out at home. This year I will be sitting in front of my fish tank. Last year I watched the ball drop from my hotel room in NYC.

I wish everyone wonderful, safe and joyous holidays! Let this year be a year that you open your heart to love and laughter and leave the negativity behind you.

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