House of Ruth Luncheon

Speaking at the House of Ruth 2016 Spring Luncheon was a great way for me to share my story of courage, strength and resilience, and to let people who may be trying to survive a traumatic experience know that there are resources like the House of Ruth that can help, in many different ways, put your life back together.

My trip to Baltimore started with an interview with Jessica Kartalija. I shared with her how I’ve rebuilt my life and how I’ve not let my past control my life moving forward. Then I met with a few members of the House of Ruth board, including Executive Director Sandi Timmins. She told me about all of the services that House of Ruth offers to women in need in the Baltimore community, including the 24-hour hotline, legal clinic and emergency shelter.

The next day, I spoke to a full room of about 600 women and men. I heard powerful stories from T.J. Smith from the Baltimore City Police Department and survivor Mehgan Otto, and had a great conversation on stage with Melissa Moore.

The greatest gift out of telling my amazing story is hearing the amazing people that come up to me after I speak and tell me how I changed their life, and how I help them through a difficult time. That makes everything I do worth while and extremely rewarding. It fills my heart with so much joy that I can inspire others to have strength to never give up and not let the past define who we are. We can control our own destiny to rise above all that we went through and have a life full of happiness.

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