My Story Through My Tattoos

People always ask me about my tattoos. Currently, I have a total of 62, each which represents something different. My tattoos help me express myself. They show my struggles, what I’ve been through and where I’m going.

My body is my canvas, and I’m painting a picture of my life.

I got my first tattoos when I was really young. Since then, I’ve covered them up with other tattoos that are more meaningful. I plan to continue getting tattoos that help me tell my story.

My next idea is a tattoo with a dandelion and birds flying into the sky. I want this to represent that every day, God grants us a second chance. I know most people think tattoos hurt, but I usually fall asleep!

Some of my favorite tattoos are:

  • The clock on my leg with the butterfly and skull. It represents that my heart is not tied to my situations.
  • The horse on the back of my leg. It symbolizes the horse that taught me how to love again that I met during equine therapy.
  • The wolf howling at the moon. It means that you never know how strong you are until that’s the only thing you have left.
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