One Safe Place: Into the Light

A couple weeks ago, I spent a few days out in Redding, California and spoke at One SAFE Place’s Fall Banquet. It is so beautiful there. There were many mountains and the all of the changing leaves were amazing. (Maybe that will be my next painting!)


One SAFE Place is so important to women who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault. I met a lot of amazing women who have been through tremendous abuse and they are so powerful. I took a tour of One SAFE Place’s Sierra Center in Redding on Thursday. There I met the most amazing little girl who couldn’t stop giving me a hug. The center offers so many important resources for women, including legal services, safety, emotional support and a ton more. The center also helps these women get a place of their own. It’s not just a shelter, they help with education and therapy. They make it a safe haven where everyone can feel comfortable.

Later that day I met with members of VOICES, a local chapter of survivors. It was a pure joy to meet local survivor Colleen Stan who is known as the “Girl in the Box.” She’s beautiful inside and out and she has a really inspiring story. We both have so many similarities in our lives and she told the audience that we’re kindred spirits.

Hearing her story, and the stories from the other survivors, just reminds me why I keep doing this. I want to continue to inspire people. I want people to always remember that they can make it through anything with courage.

At the event, they played my song “Survivor”! I think that was a really powerful message to all the survivors in the room. “My angels keep me awake, I’m a survivor!”

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