Strength of a Woman Luncheon

In May, I travelled to the Cayman Islands to speak at the annual ‘Strength of a Woman’ event hosted by the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. At this event, I was able to share my story of hope and faith during captivity and after my escape more than three years ago.

My trip to the Cayman Islands started with a dinner with the fundraising team of the Crisis Centre. I was able to meet the people who fundraise for such a great cause and help people rebuild their lives after experiencing crisis.

At the Strength of a Woman luncheon, I spoke with Tammi Sulliman in a Q&A session. During this session, I was able to tell a crowd of hundreds of people about my experience with faith, forgiveness and healing. I wanted everyone in the crowd to know that giving up is never an option, no matter how tough the situation is. I relied on the hope of seeing my son and my faith to carry me through a tough time, and I hope I can encourage others to do the same.

I also spoke about the importance of forgiveness. I hope that everyone who has experienced crisis can free themselves from grudges and learn the value of forgiveness. Forgiving is hard, but it has gotten me a long way in my healing process.

The event closed with a book signing, where I got to meet great people who have been impacted by or help support the Crisis Centre. For everyone who says I inspire them, I hope they know that they inspire me as well.

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